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  • Manufacturer: Homgeek

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    Freshly ground coffee is addictive and delicious. If you want to make the perfect brew each morning, you need a coffee grinder.
    Homgeek Coffee Grinder will grind your favourite coffee beans fast and easily!
    All you have to do is add the coffee beans in the container and press the button!
    Then you can enjoy the Aroma of freshly ground coffee at home without spending a dime any more!

    12-cup capacity
    Allows you to brew enough for personal use or entertaining.

    Multiple grind settings
    Let you customize your coffee precisely.

    Safety lock operation
    Built in safety interlock prevent operation unless the lid is securely in place

    Transparent cover
    Keeps you aware of how much ground coffee is available.

    Removable stainless steel chamber
    Ensures mess-free pouring and easy cleaning.

    Dishwasher-safe stainless steel grinding chamber
    Enables simple operation and clean up.

    Convenient hidden cord storage
    Helps save space and keeps your area organized.

    Manufacturer: Homgeek

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