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    TRAVEL LIGHTER & SMARTER and enjoy any outdoor activities anytime, anywhere. The Kynetykon Pocket Blanket is a 55"x70" and 0.5 lbs lightweight, soft and waterproof nylon tarp in a compact portable pouch.

    Are you wondering what camping and travel accessories for parks and recreation are so small and light that are 100% comfortable when you want to have fun outdoors? How about backpacking gear or an outdoor blanket that doesn't take a lot of space?
    For these purposes, we developed the perfect beach mat and picnic blanket - a waterproof outdoor mat made of high-quality nylon, that will keep your clothes clean from the moisture or dirt.
    It's ideal as camping blanket, hiking blanket, for trekking, picnics, beaches, mountain bike and road bike, naps, tanning etc. You can use it as ground cover, table cloth or cover, throw blanket, bike accessories, beach blanket sand proof, dog car seat covers, beach canopy, as stadium blanket, the kids soccer games, festival accessories, concerts, RV accessories, travel trailer accessories or backyard BBQs. You can protect very well your belongings from dust or moisture, if get caught outside in unfriendly weather, like a bike cover waterproof outdoor or a kayak cover and canoe accessories.
    But how about protection when you are in real need, like when repairing your car or your bicycle? You will find it very useful as a working surface and you will save your clothing!
    Our Pocket Travel Blanket it's simply a must-have light camping equipment for whenever you need protection! This thing is EASY TO FOLD, EASY TO CARRY & EASY TO USE! Don`t trust our word, order it now and test it!

    It will not tear, mildew or shred, with proper use. Removing dirt is easy, with a short shaking after use or with a damp cloth; you can wash the blanket with a mild detergent. Then just hang it out and it will dry fast, in minutes.

    Manufacturer: kynetykon

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